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Former Lab Members

We're a motley crew that share a love for science, nature and having fun! 

Kori J. Kirkpatrick
Undergraduate Researcher
Joseph Bennett
Undergraduate Researcher
Angelica E. Flores Undergraduate Researcher & Animal Caretaker
Brian Widmer
NSF Biodiversity Fellow, 2016-2019
Sam Quinn
NSF Biodiversity Fellow,2016-2019
Alli Kellerman
Undergraduate Researcher,
DNA Master, 2017-2019
Josh Ferguson
Ninja, 2017-2019
Jacob Fanis Undergraduate Researcher,
Code Master, 2019-2020
Jacob Fanis.jpg
Dan Sears
Lab Manager &
Undergraduate Researcher
Skye Steiner
Undergraduate Researcher
Michael Deutsch Undergraduate Researcher,
Bioacoustics Ninja, 2017-2019
Connor French
Masters of Science

Connor is  interested in evolutionary ecology and population genetics. As an undergraduate he performed research on color evolution in female three-spined stickleback fish (Gasterosteus aculeatus) and morphological variation in a shiner (Notropis) species group.   As a masters student, Connor is integrating environmental, phenotypic and genomic data in a phylogeographic study of three Peruvian Ameerega species.

Connor is now a doctoral student at CCNY in the labs of Drs. Mike Hickerson and Ana Carnaval


Carmen Burkett
Animal Caretaker,
Frog Whisperer, 2017-2020
Nathan Jean
Undergraduate Researcher
Computer Scientist
Katelyn Toigo
GIS Sensei
Wilson Guillory
Masters Student
NSF Biodiversity Fellow
Wilson Guillory
Masters Student
NSF Biodiversity Fellow, 2017-2020

Wilson is interested in the systematics, evolution, and biogeography of reptiles and amphibians. As a masters student, Wilson will be tackling the task of resolving a species-level phylogeny for the poison frog genus Ameerega using genomic data. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Arkansas where he studied incidences of horizontal gene transfer in diatoms, which began his interest in phylogenetics. He has also studied millipede morphology as well as carpenter bee phylogenetics using ultraconserved elements (UCEs).

Wilson enjoys reading, writing, and drawing in his spare time and also plays the drums. He hopes to pursue a career in academia studying animal evolution. 

Wilson is now a doctoral student in the lab of Dr Marcelo Gehara at Rutgers University!

Cindy Trujillo
DNA Guru, 2018-2021, 2018
Morgan Muell
Masters Student
NSF Biodiversity Fellow 2018-2020 website

Morgan is interested in phenotypic evolution, phylogenetics, and biogeography of vertebrates, with a strong interest in herps. She completed her undergraduate degree at Iowa State University, where she studied temperature-dependent sex determination and nesting phenology in painted turtles. She hopes to pursue a career in academia studying evolution, with additional foci on teaching and promoting diversity in science. As a masters student, Morgan is working on assembling a phylogeny of the Ranitomeya genus, the thumbnail poison frogs, and investigating phylogeographic relationships among its species.


Outside of the lab, Morgan enjoys spending time outdoors through hiking and herping. As a retired vocalist and pianist, she is also an avid fan of choral music and theatre. Her other hobbies include reading, writing, and long walks on the beach with her lizard. 

Morgan is now a doctoral student in the labs of Drs. Jamie Oaks and Dan Warner at Auburn!

Anna Bartolomucci
Reseacher, NSF Biodiversity Fellow
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