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SIUC Zoology Graduate Program

-Graduation Deadlines


-The Graduate School’s Graduate Catalog (see generic first part and Zoology part near the end)

-Zoology Graduate Program Rules (to be used in combination with the Graduate School Rules)

Main Forms

-Graduate Student Advisory Committee Approval Form

-Plan of Study Approval Form

-Cover Sheet for Graduate Student Research Plan

-Doctoral Candidacy Form (PHD ONLY)

-Approval to Schedule Defense

-Written Thesis Approval Form (MS ONLY)

-Written Dissertation Approval Form (PHD ONLY)

-Oral Defense Approval Form

-Graduate Student Assessment Form

Other Forms

-Zoology Program Course Credit Worksheet

-Adjunct Professor Request (Required for External Committee Members)

-Bookstore Binding Form

Additional Documents

-Graduate School's Final Paper Guidelines & Submission

-Zoology Graduate Program Guidelines for Theses and Dissertations

-Graduate Student Union Agreement

-Graduate Timeline Benchmarks Form

-2023 Workshop PPT

Zoology Graduate Student Digital Archives

To view a list of important graduate files cataloged of yours, go here (vs. emailing me).  This table is routinely updated.  Your ID is the last four digits of your dawg tag. 

As of Jan 1 2023, all forms and documents must be submitted as a digital document (e.g. a PDF).  This means if you have a physical document, you must scan it and send me the scan (see preferred method below).  You are also encouraged to put the physical document in my mailbox for safekeeping. Please label the document appropriately with your last name and the document type ( e.g. “BrownJL_PlanOfStudy.pdf” or “SmithA_CommitteeForm.pdf”).

Preferred document submission method.  Upload the Zoology Graduate forms onto the shared OneDrive folder (you must use your SIU.EDU email account to access this folder).  I will routinely clear these files out and move them to the private ‘Zoology Graduate Program Archive’.

Alternative document submission method. Given some of you might not feel comfortable placing these documents in a shared folder, feel free to send them via email to  grad.zoology AT Do not send them to my standard SIU account, they will likely be lost.  Any document with personal information not typically shared, should be emailed.

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