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Tangible Landscapes

The Brown lab is interested in novels way to connect people to  ecology, evolutionary and physical geography ideas. 

We are currently working with a hybrid of Tangible Landscape & AR Sandbox infrastructure, which represents a real-time feedback cycle of hands-on interaction, 3D scanning, geospatial computation and projection.  We are in the early stages of using Tangible Landscapes to interactively teach how physical geography and species-specific life history factors effect population ecology and genetic diversity, and the role of these factors in speciation across a landscape.


Video: AR Sandbox adaptive watershed interface in the Brown Lab.

A new biodiversity informatics tool: physical 3D visualization of spatial data

We also use 3D terrain models paired with GIS data to better understand on going biodiversity research in the lab.  The physical 3D terrain provides considerable insight into interpreting spatial results and really helps field research planning.  Everyone needs this for lab meetings, conferences and outreach.