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In 2006, the BBC came to Peru for 12 and filmed part of Jason's dissertation research.  This footage was featured in David Attenborough's series: Life in Cold Blood

The world's first truly monogamous frog on The Discovery Channel

Its not often new biodiversity is mentioned on NBC's Nightly News Program.  Here Brian Williams discusses recent discoveries in the Amazon Rainforest.  Two species of poison frogs that we described stole the show!

In 2011, Jason returned to Peru with the NHK to film a children's special about the behavior of Ranitomeya imitator.

In 2007, Collin Kettell, an American film student, came to Peru and followed us on an expedition deep into the Amazon Rainforest.  Watch as we go on a journey to rediscover a frog species last observed almost a century ago.

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