SIU Seminars FALL 2019

Unless noted, all seminars are in LSIII Auditorium at 4:00pm with refreshments served at 3:30


19 Sept Justin Schoof – Chair, Department of Geography, SIU-Carbondale
Projected changes in extreme heat derived from bivariate downscaling of 21st century
climate model simulations

26 Sept Gerardo Camilo – St. Louis University, Department of Biology
To bee or not to bee in the city: Social and ecological drivers of urban bee diversity


3 Oct Chung-Hsi Huang – Director, School of Computing, SIU-Carbondale
Managing massive sequence data: from data compression to information extraction


10 Oct Matt B. Dugas – Illinois State University, School of Biological Sciences
Begging or boasting? Life-history and offspring-parent communication


17 Oct Trent Ford† – State Climatologist of Illinois
Climate Change and associated meteorological and hydrological impacts


24 Oct Rebecca J. Rundell – State University of New York, Department of Environment and
Forest Biology. Islands of diversity: Land snail conservation and evolution in the western Pacific Republic
of Palau


7 Nov Waldemar Rossi Jr. – Kentucky State University, School of Aquaculture and Aquatic

15 Nov Kathleen K. Treseder § – University of California-Irvine, Department of Ecology and
Evolutionary Biology.  The role of fungi in mediating ecosystem response to climate change.

4:30pm, Guyon Auditorium in Morris Library


21 Nov Kevin E. McCluney – Bowling Green State University, Department of Biological.
Sciences TBA

5 Dec Mark J. Lara – University of Illinois, Department of Plant Biology


† Changing Global Environments Series, § Keynote speaker Natural Sciences Research Symposium

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