School of Biological Sciences

Fall 2021 Seminar Series


Unless noted, all seminars are held at 4:00 pm and hosted digitally


9 Sept           Skylar Hopkins – Assistant Professor of Applied Ecology, North Carolina State University Disease Ecology.  Three stories of managing parasites in the

Anthropocene. Zoom link

16 Sept         Chris Benda – School of Biological Sciences, Southern Illinois University. Plants of concern: A citizen science project to monitor rare plants in Illinois.  Zoom link

7 Oct            Nathaniel Rayl - Colorado Parks and Wildlife. Zoom link


14 Oct          Rick Lanctot – USGS, Coordinator of Shorebird Research and Conservation in Alaska. Zoom link              

21 Oct          Naikoa A Amuchastegui – Director of Forest Carbon Science Program, World Wildlife Fund. Zoom link


28 Oct          Vanessa Lougheed – Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Texas at El Paso. Zoom link

4 Nov           Robert Ruggiero – Department of Biology, Southeast Missouri State University. Zoom link

18 Nov         Rob Guralnick – Florida Museum of Natural History. Zoom link

Gratefully funded by the School of Biological Sciences, Center for Fisheries, Center for Ecology, and Cooperative Wildlife Research Lab.

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