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Inhabit the Earth

Playtime: 60-90 minutes

Teach time: 40 minutes

Game difficulty: High

Timespan: modern

Number of players: 2-4

Key educational concepts: species diversity



Inhabit the Earth is a racing game. You introduce, multiply, evolve or adapt species on six continents, and try to advance these animals on the different continent tracks. You do all this by playing cards. A card represents a type of animal and has four characteristics that dictate how far a species can disperse into one of the continents. Overall I enjoyed the game, however it has very limited educational value, beyond the fact that each card is a unique animal. The theme easily could have many different things and the gameplay would not have suffered at all.  As a result of this, I decided to not write a full review, but still provide a numeric rating.


Box cover  (image credit: Richard Breese)


Game setup for 4 players (image credit: Camdin)

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